Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Dear Ellen...huh?

I just stepped downstairs to gather up the dirty dishes from the family room and Ellen was opening her show with what apparently is a continuation of something she calls "George Clooney is mine in '09."

And I have to ask, huh?

I mean the Rosie/Tom thing was possibly a little bit plausible to the world (not so much to me because I really don't see the attraction. In fact when it comes to TomKat I honestly find Katie the more appealing of the two) because at least it was staged before Rosie came out.

But Ellen has been out for ages and she just got married.

So what's her obsession w/ George?

Is she trying to land an interview?

I hear Ellen is the heir apparent for Oprah. Maybe she's hoping she can get George to jump on her sofa.

Or something.


b. said...

I think Katie's more appealing too.
But I'm not coming out or anything.

dalene said...

I love it that you get me, b.

wendy said...

You are both cracking me up.

Not really related to any of this, but your comment, b., reminded me of this (not sure if anybody will read this message so late in the game anyway) . . . today in RS, the Stake RS Pres taught (ward conference). She came around from behind the table to teach, said, "I'm coming out," and then added something about, "Oh that has bad connotations, doesn't it?" I think there were some eyebrows raised, but there were definitely some giggles in the room.