Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Did you hear about this story?

Maybe it's not a story worthy of debate and discussion, but I had an emotional response and this seemed like a good place to put it.


Michelle said...

that truly is disturbing. Why couldn't that driver wait a few more minutes? Why do so many drivers feel that they are more important than everyone and everything else?

And I had to laugh that the Shutterfly ad on that link features my family photo.

La Yen said...

How often would that be me? Especially when I have somewhere urgent to go.

wendy said...

Michelle, I missed your family photo--how did that happen?

I think because it was animals, I would have had no problems waiting. But there are plenty of times I forget that I am not the most important person on the road.

My husband mocks BYU students a bit because of their sense of entitlement. I hate that I have had to agree, because of how I was as a student. I would cross the gauntlet of 700 N with an attitude of, "What are they gonna do, hit me?"

I think I've gotten past a lot of that, but man, not nearly as much as I need to!

dalene said...

My family (all of them) missed that by mere minutes. They were heading east to Duchesne and our neighbors left about 15 minutes after they did. It happened in between. As tragic as it was, it really is a blessing no cars/passengers were involved.