Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Chapter Closed

I don't know the ages and stages of all y'all, but there are three news events that absolutely shaped my childhood: The McMartin Preschool Scandal; The Night Stalker; and the kidnapping of Adam Walsh.

And, after more than two decades, the latter has reached a close. Thank Heavens for small mercies. This family has waited and waited for closure, all the while making things better for kids every step of the way. Milk cartons with missing kids? The Walsh family. America's Most Wanted? Walsh family. Centralized missing persons databases? Walsh family again. There would be no Amber Alerts, no Polly Klass legislation, no Megan's Law without the pioneering done by this amazing family that has undergone the worst thing that I can imagine. I am a huge fan of them.

I am just a year younger than Adam Walsh, and vividly remember when he was kidnapped and killed. At five years old I heard the story and started living my childhood with a little more fear. Which was compounded a few years later by the other two happenings on my list.

What news events shaped you?

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cabesh said...

Definitely Adam Walsh. Wasn't that our mothers' main fear? And now mine?