Friday, January 9, 2009

thank heavens for women's rights

Because life is better now for those poor pretty faces charged with the impossible task of hawking cars at the annual North American International Auto Show.

Apparently you've come a long way baby from the days of mermaid suits and tiger bites (OK, it was a lion, but tiger bites sound so much worse). But what does this say about people who still need just another pretty face to rev up interest in new cars people won't buy anyway?

I guess I thought (hoped) we were a little more evolved than that.


wendy said...

I can't stand stuff like that. Dh was telling me about Brainshare and how a lot of companies hire pretty faces to man the booths. And last year, on the big party night, one company hired some VERY scantily clad women to do who knows what. Good grief.

dalene said...

Yes. I must be naive because with the exception of mechanics shops, I really thought we were past that.

It's kind of weird, from my perspective I have to wonder, is this just a guy thing or do I not get out much? It's not like I need some beefcake caressing Bath & Body Works products or the latest cell phone to sell me.

wendy said...

Beefcakes at B&BW--lol.

I think it's MOSTLY a guy thing. But I remember a girl in my BYU ward had some scantily clad posters of men on her walls (I really was shocked/appalled by that). That was also the era of that famous picture of the bare chested man with the baby in his palm, l'enfant, or something like that. I never did get into that, but I had friends/roommates who did.

OH . . . I do have to say, at the kiosk in University Mall where they sell nail stuff from the dead sea, the foreign accented salesman was a good idea. So . . . hm . . . different forms of the same method???

swedemom said...

The whole thing just makes me sick. It makes me ill when I see little girls dressed up like grown-up and competing in beauty pageants. And it makes me ill to think about why the women are selling themselves (because it is a kind of sell-out) to sell other products. Aren't we above that?

I actually don't think the women's movement really helped us in that aspect, rather made it worse.