Saturday, January 17, 2009

miracles, understatement and, well, the Hudson

By now everyone has heard about The Miracle on The Hudson, but of all the news stories I've seen, I liked this on best because it contains three of my favorite things: a miracle, understatement and, well, a funny comment about *the Hudson.

Sheikh Ali was waiting at Charlotte-Douglas International Airport for Matt Kane, a co-worker aboard Flight 1549, and did not know why it was late.

So Mr. Ali sent an e-mail message from his BlackBerry: “Where are you?”

Mr. Kane’s five-word response told the whole story: “I landed in the Hudson.”--James Barron of The New York Times

Note he said in the Hudson and not on it. The whole story is quite remarkable. And it's always nice to hear some good news...

*One of my favorite lines in the movie National Treasure is when Nicholas Cage's character disappears into the Hudson River and someone asks agent Dawes if she has visual contact with the suspect and she simply replies, "Sir, it's the Hudson." Another news article reported that diving crews who are searching for the plane's two engines in order to determine what happened will actually have to search by hand, not by site. The engines are believed to be buried in deep sediment that is characteristic of the murky river.


wendysue said...

True, a miracle. I love that quote. . .so nonchalent. I also couldn't stop thinking of Seinfield. . .isn't it the Hudson that Kramer swims in? Yuck.

swedemom said...

The Hudson is quite so murky the farther north you get. And you can even swim in it. It's cleaner than it has been in years.

Speaking of prepositions, did you know that in New York they tell children to get "on line" as opposed to get in "in line". It throws me every time because I think they are telling the children to get on the internet!

I think it was an amazing story and I love the response of the passenger!

swedemom said...

Oops! I meant to say that the Hudson isn't quite as murky the farther north you get.