Sunday, December 6, 2009

That explains it.

I found the following article on The Local--Swedish news written in English. I lived in Sweden for 5 1/2 years and found the attitude toward SAHM downright aggressive. I was constantly pressured to put my children in full-time daycare so they could be properly socialized.

Anyhow, I find it disturbing that managing a household is not considered work and now it is a legal opinion.

That is one of the reasons I struggle with the steady trend toward socialism of our country. It really increases the pressure for women to work outside the home. There are a host of reasons that this is so. Sweden prides itself on its stance of equality for the sexes. In the 70's they changed the taxation system dramatically to push more women into the workforce. And it ceases to become a choice. I think women should work outside if they home if they want to, but never be forced by the government and social pressure.


La Yen said...

One of the comments was really intriguing to me--it said, essentially, that if I hire someone to clean my house and raise my kid, it is work for them. But if I do it myself, it is not work at all, but a lesser choice.

That mindset is what I find the most horrifying about the whole argument. That, inherently, someone else is better qualified to raise my child than I am.

La Yen said...

Although someone else is TOTALLY better qualified to clean my home.